앨범 #2는 작업 중입니다.
"헥스 포털 플래닛"
기타, 신디사이저, 드럼 및 보컬이 있습니다.

트랙 목록:

1. 포털 병합

2. 러너

3. 하수구 스테이지

4. 카오스 카오스

5. 불로 물과 싸워라

6. (아직 제목 없음)

7. 크레센도 닌자

8. 티라노사우루스 헥스

9. 이모 마리오

10. 레벨 10

Planetary Merge
Sewer Stage (demo)
Motor Madness (demo)
Planet B (demo)

 The album is a story about a rogue alien artificial intelligence that is hell bent on hacking the entire universe. It has created giant portals and has merged it's home planet with 5 other planets, including Earth, to harvest their resources. It is up to one ninja skater dude to save the Earth.

형이상학적 도전
형이상학적 도전

Nerf, Wind & Fire's 2nd album is also in the works.
These demos were recorded 10 years ago!
They will be re-recorded with additional songs,
and will serve as the sequel to "The Hex Portal".


 Nerf, Wind & Fire has another concept album coming soon...
"Hell: Level 1 (The 8 Day cycle)"

 Track List:
1. Reincarnation Spawning Point
2. The Eco System of Hell's Hunger
3. Harvesting The Healed
4. Suspended Retardation
5. Tenderized Brain
6. A Hemorrhage of Hope
7. Clockwork Orange Juiced
8. Stockholm Syndication

Eco System of Hell's Hunger (demo)

 This album is about waking up in Hell
and cycle of torture you will experience.
If you are misfortunate enough to break the cycle, Hell: Level 2 awaits...

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